Our Services

Scout Financial Solutions offers culturally-appreciative workshops and confidential individual consultations that will motivate clients towards positive action and lasting results.


Here is a brief listing of some workshop topics:

  • Preparing for Post-Secondary and Urban Living

  • Understanding Credit and Debt Management

  • Budgeting Basics and Managing Cash Flow

  • Successful Savings Approaches

  • Vision Board and Goal-Setting

  • Home and Auto Ownership

  • Many, many more

Additional Services Offered:

  • Data Compilation

  • Financial Literacy Research

  • Client-Customized Workshops

  • Guest and Motivational Speaking

  • Personal Finance Writing and Editing

  • Curriculum Development and Course Review

  • Conferences, Retreats and Community Presentations

What Others Are Saying About Our Services

"I wish I knew what I learned today when I went off on my own. I would be in a better place financially."   Participant, Women's Wellness Workshop

"Very interesting! Enjoyed it. I look forward to budgeting and writing in my binder. Thank you!"   Participant, GGFN Wonder Women's Group

"Scout Financial Solutions' contributions to our learning environment was fantastic! The students were engaged, entertained and most of all, they learned. Thanks!"

Business Professor, FNUniv Regina Campus

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