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Our Services

Scout Financial Solutions offers culturally-appreciative workshops and confidential individual consultations that will motivate clients towards positive action and lasting results.


Here is a brief listing of some workshop topics:

  • Preparing for Post-Secondary and Urban Living

  • Understanding Credit and Debt Management

  • Budgeting Basics and Managing Cash Flow

  • Successful Savings Approaches

  • Vision Board and Goal-Setting

  • Home and Auto Ownership

  • Many, many more

Additional Services Offered:

  • Data Compilation

  • Financial Literacy Research

  • Client-Customized Workshops

  • Guest and Motivational Speaking

  • Personal Finance Writing and Editing

  • Curriculum Development and Course Review

  • Conferences, Retreats and Community Presentations

What Others Are Saying About Our Services

"I wish I knew what I learned today when I went off on my own. I would be in a better place financially."   Participant, Women's Wellness Workshop

"Very interesting! Enjoyed it. I look forward to budgeting and writing in my binder. Thank you!"   Participant, GGFN Wonder Women's Group

5 Stars image 1.gif
5 Stars image 1.gif

"Scout Financial Solutions' contributions to our learning environment was fantastic! The students were engaged, entertained and most of all, they learned. Thanks!"

Business Professor, FNUniv Regina Campus

5 Stars image 1.gif
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